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Subscription conditions Student sports card

These subscription conditions are applicable to all subscriptions which are entered into under the Student sports card of Sportbedrijf Arnhem BV. By buying a subscription as intended in these conditions, the subscription holder accepts these conditions.

1.      Article 1: Definitions

  • Intended by ‘Subscription’ is: the Subscription which the Subscription holder enters into with the Subscription provider on the student sports card.
  • Intended by ‘Subscription holder’ is: the student who is enrolled in an educational program participating in the student sports card and who has concluded a Subscription for the student sports card.
  • Intended by ‘Card’ is: the student sports card which the Subscription holder receives after entering into a subscription of the Subscription provider and which serves as an admission card at the Sports provider.
  • Intended by ‘Subscription provider’ is: Sportbedrijf Arnhem
  • Intended by ‘Sports provider’ is: the legal person offering the possibility to the Subscription holder of exercising sports at his venue on the basis of an agreement with the Subscription provider.

2.      Article 2: Duration and cancellation

  • The Subscription is entered into for a period of three months. After this period, the subscription is tacitly renewed for an indefinite time. Upon (premature) termination of studies by the Subscription holder, the Subscription holder himself must end the Subscription; this does not happen automatically.
  • Cancellation of the subscription after the first three months is done digitally, by filling out and forwarding the cancellation form intended for this. A notice period must hereby be observed of at least one month.
  • If the product ‘Student sports card’ can no longer be offered in its current form, the Subscription provider has the right to unilaterally terminate the Subscription. This termination takes place with due regard for a notice period of one month before the product is suspended.

3.      Article 3: Content subscription

  • The Subscription allows the Subscription holder, upon presentation of a valid Card, unlimited free access to the sports venue of the Sports provider, so as to exercise the sports activities on offer there. This during the regular opening hours applied by the Sports provider.
  • The Sports provider may take measures to regulate participation in certain sports activities on certain days or at certain times, wherever necessary. This may not have a general restrictive effect.
  • The offer of sports activities may change during the effective time of the Subscription. The Subscription holder is not entitled to refunds and/or discounts if certain sports activities are no longer offered.
  • On request of the Subscription provider, the participating educational institution confirms that the Subscription holder is registered at the participating institution. If it turns out that Subscription holder is not registered at the participating organization, Subscription provider terminates the Subscription on the first day of the following month.

4.      Article 4: Subscription costs and payment

  • The costs of the Subscription are debited to the account of the Subscription holder monthly by way of direct debit. The Subscription holder hereby grants permission for this upon entering into the Subscription.
  • The costs of the Subscription may be increased annually, in accordance with the increase entailed by the consumer price index (CPI).

5.      Article 5: Card

  • Upon entering into the Subscription, the Subscription holder receives a Card. The Card serves as an admission card and must be shown and registered upon each visit to the Sports provider. If it turns out that the subscription costs owed have not been settled, the Card is blocked and the sports provider has the right to refuse the Subscription holder access to the (sports) activities. The Card is designated as ‘invalid’ and will remain blocked until all due subscription costs have been paid to Subscription provider.
  • The Card is personal, non-transferable, and will remain the property of the Subscription provider. Loss of the Card must be reported directly to the Subscription provider through the website studentensportkaart.nl, so the Card can be blocked. In case of loss and/or damaging of the Card which renders it unusable, the cost of replacing the Card is charged to the Subscription holder.

6.      Article 6: Liability

  • The Subscription provider is in no way liable for the activities which take place at the venue of the Sports provider neither/nor for the manner in which the (sports) activities are offered by the Sports provider.

7.      Article 7: (House) Rules

  • The Sports provider is at liberty to apply additional (house) rules at his (sports) venue and/or to establish further rules for the exercise of the (sports) activities on offer there. The Subscription holder must observe the applicable rules.

Version March 2018


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