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Student Sports Card

Choose for Student Sports Card. As a student at one of the participating schools jou can apply for Student Sports Card. Fitness, group lessons, squash and swimming at more than 40 locations in Arnhem and surrounding.

More sports for small price

“What is the catch?”. Nothing. You sport as often and as much as you want. Fitness every day? No problem. A different sport club every time? That is allowed. With Student Sports Card you get more sports for small price, only € 18.95 per month. Apply  now and receive your Student Sports Card. You can use it immediately. After the first three months, you are able to unsubscribe each month.


  • For students with an address abroad (for example: those who study in one of participating schools and reside in Germany) who want to purchase Student Sports Card, kindly contact us at 026 – 377 57 57. This has to do with sending your student sport card to the right address after the purchase.
  • At this moment we can only offer Student Sports Card to foreign students with EUbank account (exception: Swiss). Unfortunately our system can not process payment withdrawal from non EU bank account, we are sorry for this inconvenience.

Participating schools

Student Sports is made possible by  Sportbedrijf Arnhem, various sport clubs and the following schools

  • ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
  • Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen
  • Iselinge Hogeschool
  • Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein
  • Astrum College
  • Dulon College
  • Rijn IJssel
  • Technova College

various sports clubs and Sportbedrijf Arnhem

Sport clubs

The range of sports you can do with the Student Sports Card is huge; fitness, group lessons, squash and swimming (swimming and aquatic sports) at more than 40 locations in the region around Arnhem.

Attention! An appointment is required for your  first visit to a sport club. The appointment is an introduction to the sport club, you’d get a tour and explanation about the courses.

Take a look at the sport clubs where you can use your card. Sports clubs are added throughout the year. Do you miss a sport club or do you have a tip? Contact us.


Let us know any changes concerning the following:

Student Sports Card is made possible by Groupcard B.V.


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